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Žanras: Siaubo, Dramos, Mistiniai
Šalis: USA
Trukmė: 2h 1min
Metai: 2017
Garsas: Dolby Digital
Režisierius: Darren Aronofsky
Kalba: Lietuvių
Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris
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Motina! / Mother! (2017)

Amidst a wild flat meadow encircled by an Edenic lush forest, a couple has cocooned itself in a secluded grand mansion that was not so long ago burned to the ground, devotedly restored by the supportive wife. Within this safe environment, the once famous middle-aged poet husband is desirous of creating his magnum opus, however, he seems unable to break out of the persistent creative rut that haunts him. And then, unexpectedly, a knock at the door and the sudden arrival of a cryptic late-night visitor and his intrusive wife will stimulate the writers stagnant imagination, and much to the perplexed wifes surprise, the more chaos he lets in their haven, the better for his punctured male ego. In the end, will this incremental mess blemish irreparably the couples inviolable sanctuary?
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